Cardano Flagship Panda NFT Generation

Image Policy ID Generation Name Description # Pandas Born
ee2247e17b8d31ea81adddae22d7e8117cfb0a16ca4d973360ac05e0 一世 ("First Generation") pandADA's flagship panda generation - each day 神 ("Kami") shares his energy to create up to 15 new pandas. Every panda is unique, and each has its own strengths! 50 so far (policy locks in epoch 384)

Promotional Collections

Image Policy ID Generation Name Description # Pandas Born
ef404e5e61f52cd57cb5414ede3ccbb731f988fcf5e91eafb1d61e32 pandADA Emissary: Bing Zai Named for his love of pancakes, Bing Zai is tasked with announcing the pandADA CNFT to the broader Cardano Community. He visited 10 different community members between November and December 2021 10 (policy locked in epoch 311)
ab1024c510e57cc74474f2ec10cb8d07beb16064927ef8a191c4e1f1 pandADA's Frist Christmas: Yuan Bao Yuan Bao was born to help the CNFT Community celebrate Christmas in 2021. He visited the stockings of 10 lucky participants in the @UnderthetreeNFT 2021 Christmas celebration 10 (policy locked in epoch 311)
1efc9e1b5fe1b5e28362ba98ba04a31e02b08d1f8221d61c7cd3f976 pandADA Refugee Program: La Zai the Sad Panda La Zai is here to help victims of rugpulled / discontinued CNFT projects. You can trade 1 rugged token for 1 La Zai the Sad Panda. He's fully compatible with our panda pen, although he's so sad from getting rugged that he can't breed! Ongoing (policy unlocked)
2f4a43bbf4b998749fd73ddcf75da627bea0bceabfaa409739505a4c pandADA Launch Challenge: Jin Mei the Golden Panda Jin Mei is a very special panda made of gold, with 10/10 for all stats. She was awarded to the winner of pandADA's Launch Challenge in February 2022. The Launch Challenge was hidden in pandADA's roadmap presentation. 1/1